plumbing repair service halethorpe md

A Trickle Can Easily Turn Into a Flood

Turn to us for plumbing repair services in Catonsville or Halethorpe, MD

The longer you wait to fix that small leak, the more likely it is to become a big issue. Stop minor leaks from causing serious water damage by scheduling timely plumbing repair services from T.L. Back Plumbing of Halethorpe, MD. We can repair or replace any damaged component, including sewer lines and water lines.

Don't wait for water damage to get worse. Get a free estimate on plumbing repair services today.

plumbing repair service halethorpe md

5 signs it's time to call a plumber

Are you feeling bogged down by a toilet clog or leak? You probably need toilet repairs if:

1. Your toilet gets clogged frequently or won't flush
2. Your toilet's metal components are rusted or corroded
3. Your toilet constantly runs even when it wasn't flushed
4. Your toilet has standing water around its base
5. Your toilet tank doesn't refill after you flush it

A timely toilet repair could save you a ton of mess and stress. Call 443-623-0159 now to make an appointment in the Catonsville or Halethorpe, MD area.