licensed master plumber halethorpe md

Trust Your Pipes to the Professionals

Forget about the mess and stress of DIY solutions and hire a licensed residential plumber in Halethorpe, MD

Even if you think your plumbing problem is a minor one, you shouldn't try to tackle it using over-the-counter products, or rely on equipment that could damage your pipes if handled improperly. Instead, call on a qualified residential plumber from T.L. Back Plumbing when you need plumbing services in the Halethorpe, MD area. We can handle your plumbing repair or remodel safely and efficiently.

Contact our residential plumber today to make an appointment.

licensed master plumber halethorpe md

Don't let drain problems spiral out of control

One of the most stressful plumbing issues homeowners have to deal with is a clogged drain. You'll want to contact a drain cleaning service right away if:

  • Your sink is making a gurgling sound
  • You notice a funky smell coming from a drain
  • Your bathtub is backed up or draining slowly
We'll get to the root of your plumbing issue. Call 443-623-0159 now to schedule drain cleaning services in the Halethorpe, MD area.