plumbing repair service halethorpe md

Make Sure Your Basement Is Safe From Flood Damage

Schedule sump pump repair services in Catonsville or Halethorpe, MD

Sump pumps are vital to keeping your basement and crawl space safe from potential flood damage. If yours isn't working correctly, schedule sump pump repair services with T.L. Back Plumbing in Catonsville or Halethorpe, MD. Our team can quickly identify the issue and make the repairs. We also offer 24/7 emergency services, so if you need repairs right away, don't have to hesitate to call.

Contact us at 443-623-0159 to arrange for sump pump repair services.

plumbing repair service halethorpe md

We can handle all of your sump pump needs

Whether you need a sump pump installed in your new home or your existing sump pump needs to be repaired, you can rely on us for sump pump services. Our crew can:

  • Install sump pumps
  • Replace sump pumps
  • Repair sump pumps
  • Unclog drain pipes
  • Patch leaks

Contact us to learn more about our sump pump services.